Angura Kei is a unique Japanese street style that has been gaining popularity around the world in recent years, especially among young people who are looking for an alternative to more traditional forms of fashion. It’s a style that combines elements from Japanese subcultures such as punk, gothic, and Lolita, creating an eclectic look that is both eye-catching and stylish. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what makes up the Angura Kei style and how you can incorporate it into your wardrobe!

What is Angura Kei Fashion?
Angura Kei is a type of streetwear that originated in Japan during the early 2000s as part of the “visual kei” movement, which was heavily influenced by punk rock music and culture. The word “angura” means underground or dark in Japanese, which perfectly describes the aesthetic of the style – edgy, rebellious, and often featuring bold colors and patterns. The look typically consists of black or dark clothing with bright accents such as colored hair extensions or accessories like chains or spikes. It also often features items like platform shoes or boots with thick soles, fishnet stockings, and oversized jewelry pieces like chokers or rings.

History of Angura Kei Fashion
The origin of the angura kei style can be traced back to the early 2000s when visual kei bands began to gain popularity in Japan. Visual kei musicians were known for their outrageous outfits that combined elements from various subcultures such as punk rock, gothic Lolita, cyberpunk, etc., which eventually evolved into what we now know as angura kei fashion today. As visual kei became more popular outside of Japan during the late 2000s/early 2010s (thanks to bands like Dir en grey), so too did angura kei become more widely accepted around the world as an alternative form of streetwear with its own unique aesthetic appeal.

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Popularity Of Angura Kei Fashion In Japan
In recent years angura kei has become increasingly popular in Japan among young people who are looking for something new and different from mainstream trends such as preppy looks or kawaii-style clothing (which features cute characters). This trend has been further fueled by celebrities who have embraced this style – including singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – making it even more desirable among fans who want to emulate their favorite stars’ looks! As a result, there are now numerous stores dedicated solely to selling angurake items throughout Tokyo’s Harajuku district (the birthplace of many Japanese street styles).

Different Styles Of Angurake Fashion
Although angurake originally started out as a type of visual-keii inspired streetwear with its own unique aesthetic appeal; over time it has evolved into many different subcategories depending on personal preference and individual tastes. Some popular styles include: Cyberpunk/Gothic Lolita: Combines elements from both cyberpunk and gothic lolita styles; often featuring heavy makeup with bright colors; spiked jewelry; platform shoes; fishnet stockings; etc.; Punk Rock: Features bold colors such as reds and blacks; ripped jeans; leather jackets; studded belts/chokers/bracelets; etc.; Kawaii: A softer version of angurake featuring pastel colors; cute accessories such as bows/headbands/fluffy toys; etc..

Accessories And Makeup Used In Angurake Fashion
Accessories play an important role when it comes to completing any angurake look – whether it’s punk rock inspired or kawaii-style clothing! Items such as chokers/rings/spiked bracelets can help add an extra edge to your outfit while colorful hair extensions can add some much needed brightness to darker colored ensembles! When it comes to makeup – think bold colors like blues/greens/purples paired with smoky eyes for a dramatic effect! Don’t be afraid to experiment with different looks until you find one that suits your individual taste best!

Where To Buy Angurake Fashion Products?
If you’re looking for authentic angurake clothing items then Tokyo’s Harajuku district is definitely worth checking out! There are several stores dedicated solely to selling these types of products ranging from high end designer labels all the way down to budget options so you should have no trouble finding something that fits your budget. However if you don’t have access to Tokyo then there are also plenty of online stores where you can purchase angurake items from anywhere in the world – just make sure you do your research first before making any purchases!

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Tips For Styling Your Own Angurake Look
When styling your own angurake look keep these tips in mind: 1) Have fun with color combinations – mix bright colors together for a bolder look or go for subtle hues if you prefer something more understated 2) Don’t be afraid to mix different styles together – combining elements from punk rock with kawaii-style pieces can create interesting results 3) Accessorize – adding statement pieces like chokers or rings will help complete any outfit 4) Experiment – try out different makeup looks until you find one that works best for you 5) Be confident – confidence is key when rocking any outfit so make sure you feel comfortable wearing what you choose!

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What does Kei mean in fashion?

Although people who dress in a more traditionally masculine way may also identify as “genderless,” in Japan, the term jendaresu-kei more commonly refers to biologically male individuals who do not care about or focus on looking like “suits.” Jan. 16, 2018

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What are visual kei clothes called?

Angura Kei is a more traditional form of Visual Kei music, which typically features kimonos and other traditional Japanese clothing. Angura Kei is also similar to Ero Guro and gothic music, with big hair and dark clothing. The makeup is usually also heavy and dark, and usually consists of shironuri (a type of makeup). Aside from kimonos, the style also includes Japanese school uniforms.

What is Harajuku fashion called in Japanese?

Kogal is a popular style among high school students in Japan. They often wear short skirts and makeup, and sometimes wear knee- or thigh-high socks.

What is Japanese street fashion called?

When you say “Japanese street fashion,” one name that comes to mind is Harajuku. Harajuku is an area in Tokyo between Jingumae-machi and Sendagaya, situated between the Shibuya and Shinjuku wards. It is widely known for its trendy fashion sense and is popular among teenagers and young adults.

What is Japanese grunge fashion called?

Visual Kei (V系) is a Japanese fashion movement that was started by musical artists with influences from Glam Rock, Goth, Punk, and traditional Japanese clothing. The fans of this movement are called Bangya (バンギャ).

How much is a kei in Japan?

Kei cars, which are designated for people with limited financial resources, tend to be priced around one million yen. That is a relatively cheap price tag when converted to American dollars, and it’s much less expensive than the price of a typical Honda Civic.