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  1. Accessories

Define your style with our attractive head accessories. They not only protect your hair from damage, but also enhances your look. We offer unique accessories which range from bandanas and scarves to hat liners to cater all your needs. You can find head accessories in a wide variety of styles and colors. Choose the one that fits your personal taste to feel stylish even while covering up.


Our traditional-yet-trendy head scarves will complete your look for the day. These wraps cover your hair protectively or wind about your neck for an added zing to your look. For a long time, fashion was all about the ‘it’ accessory. And now, scarves have become the ultimate ready-to-wear accessories. Whatever pattern, textile, and color you choose, it will define your style well.


Bandana is a very versatile fashion accessory for hair which can be used with a purpose. These head pieces are a fashion classic. With time it has gained value and many celebrities have been spotted with one too. If you want to escape the horrors of bad hair days, use a bandana and be carefree and stylish. You can choose from various styles and designs to mix and match with your outfit. The variety varies from subtle to statement styles.

Here are some ways in which you can wear your bandana for a unique look:


Bandanas are super versatile and creative. You can tie them around your wrist and stand out immediately. In place of shiny and sparkly jewels, a bandana bracelet will compliment your summer dress. If you are not a fan of dangly metal jewelry, you surely have to try this out.

Braid it

Choose from our wide variety of bandana prints and fabrics and braid it into your hair. They not only make your luscious locks attractive, but also up your hairstyling game.

Neck cooler

Twist up your bandana and tie it gently around your neck. People often choose this style for spring and summer festivals. Keep the heat away by spraying some cold water on it before twisting!